The Bog Hogs Radio Control club is newly charted club founded by a group of long time, devoted RC enthusiasts with a principle to offer many RC disciplines for its members, along with a desire to promote the “full” club experience. The idea to start the club came about because we all have the desire for a greater variety of events while enjoying the camaraderie and diversity that comes along with it. All club officers are “doers” with a “glass half full” attitude and know there are many others out there who feel like we do. I was excited to be involved with the starting of this club and proud to be asked to serve as its president with it being one of the first in the area to offer so many options to its members. Our club’s flying site is a multi-discipline complex, currently offering a 300’ x 42’ Geotech runway for fixed flight, a small pond for both float planes and boats, plus a quad/helicopter area with racing gates. Because we’re still in our infancy, there are many improvements scheduled for the near future which include the addition of a grass runway alongside the Geotech, a multi-course/multi-gated quad race area, covered welfare area, floating launch dock, and more. It’s understood that all things we enjoy take time, along with a little sweat to achieve and this club will get there. If you enjoy the club atmosphere with comradery, its activities, and the efforts that go along with making things happen, then the Bog Hogs Radio Control Club is probably the club you’ve been looking for. We are looking for fellow RC enthusiasts who crave the same, want to participate in the club’s activities, and help to promote the hobby. Here at the Bog Hogs Radio Control club, with its great members, anything is possible, and even pigs fly!

Ted Brito

AMA: 866608