Hello Everyone,

The Bog Hogs RC club is officially one month old and things are moving right along. In the past month a lot has been done by our founding members. All the necessary paper work has been completed and approved plus our bank account is up and running. We are now able to start processing membership applications. Our club website is looking fantastic and is getting changes almost daily. A special recognition of Chris Ferreira, our club secretary and webmaster, is in order for all his hard work. The Bog Hogs are officially at 6 members, but we have many applicants who’ve inquired and have just been waiting for us to open the membership. That wait is over!

This coming month includes some of our planned improvements to start commencing. A set of stairs and float will be constructed to facilitate float flying from the pond. A new storage shed is being designed and some mowing will be getting done. The main public road to our field, Walnut Plain Road, was in need of some improving to say the least and it seems the town thought so too as the road is being widened and resurfaced as I type this! Some of the road is already finished and makes for smooth driving now.

The weather conditions have been perfect for flying this past month and weekend mornings have been full of activity at the complex. We start flying at 8:00am and by 12:00, when the sun is up strong and wind has picked up, most of us have been flying for four hours! Another note of appreciation goes out to our landowner who has put no flight time hour restrictions on us!

The quad flyers/racers are putting in the “time” too. There’s been lots of flying by young and old with a 12yr old visitor showing his “chops” flying the course by “line of sight”. That’s right, no FPV, and he was flying the course. Ah, to have young eyes again!

All for now, see you next month,

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